Bouman and Burn dominate series starter

The 30th anniversary edition of the popular Friday evening Chalupsky Properties Surfski Series got under way on Friday evening with both series defending champion Matt Bouman and Michelle Burn posting emphatic wins.

Bouman cantered away in the light South Easterly winds under drizzly skies to keep Gene Prato more than a minute at bay, while Burn was too good for former world champ Hayley Nixon in the women’s race.

“It was my first race in a while,” said Bouman. “I love racing and racing hurts!”

Bouman spends much of his time coaching now and found himself drawn into a race with Gene Prato, one of the paddlers he is coaching.

“All my paddlers did super well so I enjoyed my paddle and watching them. It was nice to see Gene Prato’s progress, and nice to beat him.” said Bouman. “It is a very nice sort of conflict of interests!”

While both race winners romped away to easy wins, Bouman highlighted that Michelle Burn winning the women’s race in a staggering fifth place overall showed her remarkable form and ability.

“Michelle is in a special place right now,” said Bouman. “Very impressive.”

“It was really good to get back to some racing,” said Burn. “It has been a good few months of just keeping the body ticking over.”

Burn had to compose herself before the start after getting a bluebottle wrapped around her arm during her short warm-up paddle.

“The gland on my arm was pretty sore and swollen even before we started the race,” said Burn

“Luckily once we got going the adrenaline started pumping and I started to feel okay and eventually it went away,” said the current world champion.

“The conditions were pretty mellow with a bit of a bump in all directions. I really enjoyed the fact that we started all the singles in one bunch so that I could race against the guys.

“I managed to get onto the second bunch and then pulled away when some of the guys got tired. I tried to chase down Matt Coetzer and Brad Pearce just in front of me. I was nice to have that as a goal to work towards but they just kept their distance,” she said.

“It was really cool racing and it was so good to get back into things,” she added.

The Short Course race was won by the indomitable father-and-son combination of Billy and Henry Harker with Jacqui De Billot and Lande Williamson completing the results sheet as the two Stand Up Paddleboarder finishers.

1 Matthew Bouman 0:44:47.32
2 Gene Prato 0:46:23.09
3 Matthew Coetzer 0:47:40.90
4 Brad Pearse 0:47:59.89
5 Michelle Burn 0:48:20.60
6 Ron Benjano 0:49:12.28
7 Andrew Cairns 0:49:27.99
8 Steve Cohen 0:50:01.06
9 Hayley Nixon 0:50:17.83
10 Benjamin Maehler 0:50:18.90
1 Michelle Burn 0:48:20.60
2 Hayley Nixon 0:50:17.83
3 Saskia Hockly 0:53:12.55
4 Tannah Smith 0:54:58.11
5 Valmajean Hockly 0:54:59.92

1 Colin Simpkins/Joshua Simpkins 0:46:12.68
2 Luke Nisbet/Jenna Nisbet 0:47:17.40
3 Joe Terblanche/Mark Lewin 0:47:49.92
4 Sipho Canham/Kwanele Banda 0:47:51.80
5 Lyn Bennett/Brendon Waters 0:48:33.45
6 Duncan Cartwright/Charl Massyn 0:49:23.63
7 Skye Prato/Don Gobey 0:50:26.31
8 Vernon Vogt/Keegan Vogt 0:50:46.67
9 Gavin Botha/Gareth Miles 0:52:37.29
10 Jason Ekstrand/Kade Ekstrand 0:52:48.74

1 Billy Harker/Henry Harker 0:55:25.09
2 Jordan Deeble 0:59:49.15
3 David Douglas/Samuel Douglas 1:01:03.04
4 Jayden Jansen Van Rensburg 1:01:10.02
5 Keelyn Tucker 1:01:26.15
6 Aiden Van Heerden 1:02:08.87
7 Keith Ward 1:02:12.55
8 Clint Sheppard 1:02:17.17
9 Jeremy Steere 1:02:26.91
10 Ryan Roberts/Tayne Naude 1:03:19.01
1 Jacqui De Billot 1:22:14.00
2 Lande Williamson 1:22:28.00

Updated: January 15, 2022 — 8:05 am
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