1. The Series is a KNCU Race. Every paddler needs to be KNCU registered, this can be done at Race Registration on the day.
2. All paddlers must be proficient. Prof tests are done at 4 on race day.
3. All paddlers will be required to accurately complete & sign a series registration form and sign the necessary indemnity.
4. All paddlers must register & pay the required entry fee for each race they choose to participate in
5. Age Categories are as follows:
• Juniors 18: Up to & including the year in which you turn 18
• Open 19 – 39 years
• Veterans 40 – 49 years: From the year in which you turn 40
• Masters 50 + years: From the year in which you turn 50
6. The best six (6) race results of the ten race series will count towards overall series positions
7. PFD’s (personal flotation device’s) are compulsory at all races. No jacket, no paddle.

Racing Rules

1. A race briefing will take place 5 minutes before the start of the race to confirm the racecourse, safety and any other relevant information. It is the paddlers’ responsibility to ensure that they attend race briefings. No responsibility will be accepted by the organizers for non-attendance.
2. Start procedure:
Staggered starts – Doubles start first, followed by Men’s Singles, Ladies Singles, Short Course Single and Doubles together and lastly SUP’s.
At the discretion of the organizers, the start can be changed to a deep-water offshore start.
3. Finish:

  • The finish will be between two markers/flags, clearly identified and pointed out to competitors on the beach.
  • Paddlers must cross the finish line with their craft (Doubles include both paddlers)
  • Paddles do not need to be carried
  • The onus is on the paddler to ensure that timekeepers have registered their number.
  • All competitors must cross the finish line or advise the organizers that they have withdrawn from the event. If the organizers are required to institute a search for any competitor who has not crossed the finish line or advised the organizers of their withdrawal, the cost of the search will be borne by the competitor.
  • Craft must be removed from the finish line immediately after their number has been recorded.

4. Any competitor who does not comply with safety requirements will be disqualified
5. Any competitor who does not follow the prescribed racecourse on the day will be disqualified
6. Any competitor who rides the wake of a motorized craft will be disqualified
7. Any competitor who gains an unfair advantage through unsportsmanlike behavior will be disqualified

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